Laura Tennant

Health & Science Writer

My name is Laura, and I’m a Toronto freelance writer specializing in accurate, compelling health and science articles that drive traffic to your site and help generate leads.
I offer a strong educational background in health sciences, practical skills in search engine optimization (SEO), and an excellent track record as a successful science writer. 
I pride myself on creating the best resource on the web for your topic. I do in-depth research to create a personalized, authority resource that covers the topic in a simple, easy-to-understand yet scientifically accurate way. 

Why Hire Me?

I have the right combination of knowledge, education, experience and commitment to quality that will boost your business, generate interest, and convey your brand’s expertise.

Summary of Qualifications


Science education

  • H.B.Sc. with high distinction from University of Toronto, 2016

SEO knowledge


Published web writing experience

  • I have written and/or edited over 200 high-quality science articles that have been published on the web.

My Services


Science Copywriting

High-quality, personalized science content targeted to your brand.

In-Depth Research

I am comfortable searching primary literature and summarizing research paper results.

Science Blogging

A custom number of blog posts per month, personalized for you.

SEO Strategy

I apply SEO tactics such as keyword research, heading optimization, and outbound link optimization to every article I write for the web.

Academic Writing

Writing for an academic audience. Handling in-depth scientific research projects with ease.


Helping you publish only the most concise, accurate, and readable content on your site.

Areas of Expertise

Besides a general love of science writing, below are some areas in which I have experience, knowledge, and/or interest. 

  • Health, including fitness, nutrition, the gut-brain connection, the microbiome, fertility, women’s health, and many other topics
  • Psychology, including mental health, addictions, and positive psychology
  • Biology, including evolutionary biology, neurobiology, genetics, and molecular biology
  • Cannabis, including the neurobiology of marijuana, medical marijuana, CBD, and harm reduction topics. I am highly experienced in the cannabis writing industry.
  • Lifestyle, including minimalism, organization, cleaning, budgeting and productivity

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