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Selected Works

Cannabis and Quality of Life in Older Adults

A journalistic health feature discussing whether cannabis might help improve quality of life in older adults.

Hemp 101: All About Hemp Products

This article goes over the basics of hemp and the benefits of hemp products.


Cannabis and Alzheimer’s: Promises and Pitfalls

This journalistic health feature discusses current evidence for cannabis as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Can Marijuana Reduce Opioid Use in Older Adults?

This journalistic health feature discusses evidence that marijuana may help reduce opioid use, especially in older adults. 

Leaf Science

Marijuana and Your Memory

In this article, I demonstrate my ability to do in-depth research and explain complex psychological phenomena.

Leaf Science

Marijuana and Breastfeeding: Is it Safe?

Here, I tackle a controversial health-related topic and present each side of the argument fairly.

7 Ways Reusable Menstrual Products Can Help You Feel Better

I go over little-known benefits of switching to reusable menstrual products such as the DivaCup.

The Financial Diet

6 ways to save money you’ve already spent

This article discusses easy ways to make the most of money you’ve already spent.

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Marijuana and Motivation

In this article, I demonstrate my ability to do in-depth research and explain complex psychological phenomena.

Leaf Science

Marijuana and Serotonin: What’s The Link?

Here, I explain a neurobiology topic in easy-to-understand, accessible language.

Leaf Science

Marijuana and Fertility: What’s the link?

Here, I discuss research on marijuana’s impact on fertility. I distill the research into practical health advice.
Undergraduate Thesis

The Gut-Brain-Microbiota axis: A New Frontier In Human Health

I performed an in-depth literature review and processed a large volume of primary research into a coherent, original whole.


I managed Laura for a year at my company Leaf Science Media Inc. I first worked with Laura as a freelance science writer, and then hired her as a full-time writer and editor. During my time working with Laura, she exceeded my expectations and provided a lot of value to the company. Laura has outstanding research, writing, and editing skills. She was able to handle any science topic I assigned her, and did a great job summarizing the key facts from scientific journal articles. It’s clear that Laura is extremely well-educated in science, and is knowledgeable about health, biology, and psychology. Laura also successfully managed our team of freelance writers and executed our editorial content schedule. She conducted competitor research and always made an effort to make our content stand out from the rest. She showed initiative and completed tasks independently, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business. I would highly recommend her as a writer and editor in the health and science niche. Kent Mao

CEO, Leaf Science Media Inc.

Laura was an excellent editor to work with. She provided detailed feedback and always explained why she made the editorial choices she did in a professional manner. It was a pleasure working with her. Leslie Gaskin

Freelance Medical and Pharma Writer

I want to thank you for your contributions during our time at Leaf Science. Your role as an editor really helped me to refine my writing to appeal to a broader audience, and really helped me improve upon how I approached writing outside of the academic realm. 

Jonathan C

Freelance Writer

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